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A unique experience, connecting live music, dance and community

Dance to feel free



An artist who creates a live tribal experience. Playing multiple instruments simultaneously such as percussion and didgeridoo, creates a massive and rich sound like a live tribe ceremony. Inspired by the dancers, creates music that engages and invites the participants, making it a unique, uplifting and magical celebration.

Dance to feel free



Living, breathing, dancing tribal trance as a messenger for healing and community creation. Leading dance classes, workshops, dancing ceremonies and celebrations and a body, mind and energy healer for many years. Connecting body-dance sensations to the live music. Creating a safe and inspiring dance realm, leading participants to an ecstatic tribal connection.

The perfect match of movement with music creates moments of magic, in which the participants go through experiencing freedom, joy and uplifted spirit. The tribal circle is a magnet to the dancers, and they leave renewed, revived and recharged. Dancing like this creates a tribal community. It is truly a unique, awesome experience!

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