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dance 4 change


Dance to feel free

        Kokopelli is a Native American spiritual power deity, believed to manifest fertility, harvest and plenty, playfulness, joy, dance and music. KoDance is dancing your freedom, embodying these in your life. The dance purpose is to create great joy within the tribal community trance.


Live music and dance had always been a way for personal and community healing. The tribal traditional musical instruments, such as the didgeridoo and drums, bring about a strong impact over the body, affecting our cells directly, changing emotions and spirit. Dancing like this has an incredible healing effect on the participants. 

Our Method is using live tribal music instruments, affecting the body's frequency. When paired with careful and well planned guidance, an amazing sensation fills the participants’ bodys, minds, emotions and spirits. Our Mission is to let more and more people around the world feel and be a part of this healing dance ceremony experience. Our Vision is to have world-wide events of this method, spreading joy and healing.

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